Prosecco PDO sustainability program and production chain competitiveness control.


The goal of the project and its innovation is to establish the level of sustainability of Prosecco PDO and to activate a process that continuously improves its value.

This action, thanks to its transfer to the other Prosecco PDO companies, will be able to form the basis of a strategic management of the sustainability of the whole Designation.

Latest news

News and updates on events, research and conferences related to the sustainability of Prosecco PDO.

Vinitaly: presented the new PRO.S.E.C.CO. project. PDO

A new objective for the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco Doc: to achieve certified sustainability at a...

The Prosecco PDO sustainability project financed

By decree no. 784 of 05 April 2019, the PDO PRO.S.E.C.CO. project was officially financed, PROgramma della Sostenibilità E...